It would seem I am coming to this issue a bit late.

Today I was watching Taylor Swift’s music video for “You Belong With Me” for like the twentieth time in a couple days.  I only just saw it for the first time recently and, being a bit of a closet Taylor Swift fan, I enjoyed it.

But then I remembered something: Taylor Swift won best video instead of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” for some video or other and then all that Kanye stuff happened.  Could it be that it was for “You Belong With Me”, my current favorite video, that she won?

Though I was appalled by Kanye’s behavior at the time, I favored his opinion that there was no way a Taylor Swift video could be better than “Single Ladies”, which I too considered “one of the best music videos of all time.”

Well, as you probably know,  it was “You Belong With Me” that beat out Beyonce.

So this evening, I was thinking that maybe I am not in concurrence with Mr. West after all, because I think that “You Belong With Me” is a really awesome video.

See, it is a perfect teen rom-com played out in a scant three minute and forty-nine second package – like they distilled a movie that I would certainly enjoy into nothing but its very best bits.  The boy (though skewing a bit young for me these days) is quite cute, and T. Swift is quite charming.

Most importantly, though, her FAUX SPECS are the GREATEST EVER.  I do not get a lot of occasion to actually discuss fake glasses on this website, but here is my shot – I am obsessed with these frames, and I must own them and honestly, if that’s not worth a VMA then I don’t know what is.  Behold:

taylor swift in glasses

I think we can all support faux spectacles

Still, I thought it only fair to refresh my memory and watch the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” video again.  I have watched it about a thousand times but not for many months hence, and though my spirit soars with joy when the song comes on during my Zumba class, I did not remember the video 100% clearly.

And so okay, it turns out that even if “You Belong With Me” has the best faux spectacles and a delightful plotline, the “Single Ladies” video is the “Single Ladies” video!

Kanye got it right, however wrong his method of expressing himself; there is really nothing more to be said except for this:


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