Good news: I no longer experience much anxiety about driving in crummy winter weather.  Where once I was that person (you know the one) who drives at least fifteen miles per hour less than she needs to, clutching her steering wheel and fuh-reaking out during her entire commute, now I am cool like cucumber even when my “you’ve lost control of your car” light comes on.

Bad news: the weather is crap.  This is not actually news to anyone since you have the same weather, but I am going to try to pass it off as news anyway.

Good news: I have homemade Swedish meatballs and garlicy mashed potatoes all up in the Burrow and I am full of delicious right now.  I really am a culinary genius…by which I mean, I really am capable of reading a recipe and following its directions.

Bad news: you’re not here to have Swedish meatballs with me.  Depending on who you are, that could be good, bad or neutral news for me.  No matter what, though,  I’d say this is bad news for you because these Swedish meatballs are fabulous!

In future, you can just call me IKEA.


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