Oh – it’s 7:30 again?

Time for my daily dose of self-imposed torture!

7:30 being, of course, the time when Food Network airs its daily episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate.  You know, the show where chefs and TV food personalities discuss the best things they’ve ever eaten at restaurants within the framework of various culinary themes?

Tonight’s theme is bar-b-que.  And I want me some pulled pork…burnt ends…ribs…whatever.

Now, now, now!

So it goes every night, though not always with barbeque, of course.  Sometimes its sandwiches or finger foods or unexpected delights or meat or bacon or…GOD I want to do a Best Thing I Ever Ate food tour road trip!!!

Meanwhile, another area of my life that is currently torturous: What’s with all these stupid snow days, eh?  Because I don’t WANT any snow days – I’ve already had three and if we continue at the current rate, I’ll be in school till July.  I am, HOWEVER, constitutionally incapable of NOT wanting a snow day as soon as it seems like we might get one.  Look at me tonight, checking for closures and becoming increasingly disgruntled that, like, NO schools have called any yet, which is actually a good thing since I don’t really want a snow day.

Apparently my heart will always prefer no work to work, no matter what my head tells it; fingers crossed for a snow day!!

(Except NO, not really, I don’t mean it…except that I do…NOT…uhhhh..I am so Gollum/Smeagol on the snow day issue, man…)


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