The truth is that when the Lord of the Rings movies came out, I was but a young girl in my late teens (and I think two months into my twenties for the last one).  I was all Legolas this and Legolas that, obsessed with Orlando Bloom, enjoying his blue-eyed blond-haired physical flawlessness.

Well, let me tell you something: I was an idiot and a fool.

How did I fail to comprehend the utter magnificence of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn?

I always appreciated him in a sort of ‘yeah, he’ll do while Legolas isn’t around’ way, but he was too old and too shaggy for my tastes.

Now that I am a mature adult, I have re-watched the LOTR movies in their entirety for the first time in years, and it turns out that Aragorn is so attractive that he actually gave me goosebumps a couple times just by BEING HOT.

Magnificent.  To (slightly mis)quote the always quotable Lorelai Gilmore: “I’m currently one of the women sitting home, thinking, ‘If I could only find a man like Aragorn…'”






One thought on “Aragorn

  1. Lauren

    That’s funny — I never found Legolas attractive (the hair was just weird), and was all about Aragon. You know, for that one movie I watched.

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