Hot waffles!


Yeah, really.  I haven’t posted in a week and I’m going to write again about hot waffles.

Aren’t you glad you follow this site?

So, we find ourselves one week later and the hot waffles saga continues in an odd combination of the previous two posts.  Originally, I was on the eve of a potential snow day, hoping for a cancellation so I could somehow justify eating a delicious hot waffle smothered in chocolatey goo.  Next, I posted about almost vomiting at Zumba, and how I had finally acquired hot waffles with chocolately goo but couldn’t eat them due to aforementioned nausea.

Fast forward to today:  totally successful Zumba class (nary a nausea pang in sight) and snow day already called for tomorrow…and HOT WAFFLES with Nutella (a delicious chocolately goo) all up in here.

Life can take you in a roundabout way, but boy does it get you where you need to go sometimes.

And that is positively, for sure, the last I will say on the subject of hot waffles.

Hot Waffle

so hot and waffley


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