Warm waffle?


Tonight I almost vomited halfway through my second ever Zumba class.

That was fun.

I left rather than spew my guts all over the exercise room floor, though leaving midway through an exercise class is almost equally as embarrassing I think.  Puking you cannot control, but leaving is a choice, you know?

I am unsure the cause of my nausea, though I suspect it owes to some combination of what I ate today, and how much I ate of it, and when I ate it in relation to going to Zumba class.  Whatever the reason  (my heart or my shoes) I am still not entirely right, tummy-wise.

This is my first major setback on the path to fitness – well this, and yesterday’s mini-hotdogs and faux-waffles with Nutella.

That’s another thing to update on – remember my hot waffles?

Well, Tuesday night I just was not hungry after dinner so I skipped my waffles even though my snow day had been declared.  Then yesterday my sister’s waffle-maker died a terrible death, so we had waffle-batter mini-pancakes, which were delicious but just not hot waffley.

Tonight there are indeed hot waffles in my vicinity, since the sis bought a new waffle maker today.

But the Zumba-induced urge to purge is lingering, and I do not think I can stomach a hot waffle drenched in chocolatey-hazulnutty goo.

Warm waffle, perhaps.  No goo for sure.

I swear, I will not let this setback…you know..set me back.  Fitness is something I care deeply about (it has now been a part of my life for 13 days, after all);  I am sure next time I attend Zumba class, I will be a-ok…or something.



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