Hot waffles


All I can think about right now is hot waffles.

I appreciate that many (or possibly even most) waffles are served hot, so I do not really need to specify that I particularly want hot waffles.  And yet…

In my fevered, exhausted brain all I can think is hot waffles…hot waffles…hot waffles smothered in some kind of melty chocolate goo…hot waffles…

It is the only food that will satisfy me (what was I thinking, buying all this SALAD?!?) and I will not be happy until I get a hot waffle.  Alas, I will probably have to deny myself until the end of the week…

…except that I made a deal with myself that I am allowed to have a hot waffle tomorrow night IF and ONLY IF they cancel school in anticipation of a snow day before dinner time.

So there is another reason to hope that this nor’easter proves true.  If it does, catch me tomorrow, around this time, hot-waffling it to the max.


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