Perfect blend of flavor and heat


I am not sure what this blog is about yet.

Should I just write a mishmash of stuff about my life? Or do I have a theme?  If so, what’s the theme going to be?  I do not have any Projects going on that need chronicling; the only subject on which I consider myself both an enthusiast and an expert is young adult literature and I already write about that at Forces of Geek; plus, I probably should not keep a blog entirely devoted to my obsession with Doctor Who or my crushes on various British Youtubers, which are currently the only two topics in my life about which I can talk with prolonged enthusiasm.

I suppose I could draw thematic inspiration from the name “fauxspectacles,” but fake glasses as a literal subject can only take me so far.  Perhaps there is some kind of metaphor in this site name off of which I can build.  You know- like my persistence in wearing glasses despite my lack of visual impairment signifies my desire to appear as something which I am not and I can use this blogging project to explore the dichotomy between my inner and outer selves.

That sounds vaguely awful, no?

A mishmash of stuff it is! And on that note,  I have this to say:

When inventing recipes because you are too lazy to even look something up on the internet, it is best practice to add lots of Frank’s Red Hot to your food and then dip it in sour cream.

I am a culinary genius and you’re welcome.

(Meanwhile, thanks to the three of my literally tens of readers who are clamoring for me to live up to my “posting somewhere between a lot and daily” promise.  They want MORE FAUX SPECTACLES!  Since the public has spoken so forcefully [and by public, I mean my sister and two of my closest friends, but whatever] I really am going to try to post here a lot.  What can I say?  My life is interesting, and people are interested in it.  I mean – did you catch that bit about the Frank’s Red Hot?)


One thought on “Perfect blend of flavor and heat

  1. Julie

    I prefer you inventing recipes with potentially expired roasted peppers and a shit ton of garlic, myself….supplemented by plenty of white bean dip and olives.

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