2011: The Year of the Blog*

That is its official designation, officially, from the people who give out designations for years, I am told.

I have decided, therefore, to blog in Eleven**.

As it is 1/1/11 (a very exciting date for those of us who like 1’s, eh?), this whole endeavor positively reeks of New Year’s Resolution.

If you were thinking this, you were right.

I have written down a list of ten sweeping goals for Eleven in a notebook, figuring that even if I fail at most of them, well, at least I will still succeed at a couple.  The list encompasses boring, typical goals (#1:eat healthier) and brand-new Eleven-specific goals (#7: achieve minor internet celebrity via RaptorTwins Youtube channel) and smallish, random goals (#3: use fewer paper towels/produce less kitchen waste generally).

Goal #5 is to “write things.”  I like to write things, and I’d like to write more things in Eleven, even if it is just blog entries rather than the Printz Award winning young adult novel that I know I have in me.

Of course, I am already off to a less-than-great start on some of my goals.

Take Goal #4: cease profligate spending/adhere to a budget.  Today I actually bought the domain name fauxspectacles for this blog so that my project would have an air of legitimacy.  “This is a REAL WEBSITE,” says my URL, and I got it for the low low price of betraying one of my goals before the first day of Eleven is even over.  Sure, I did not pay a lot of money for this domain, but even “not a lot of money” is more money than “no money” which is how much money I am allowed to spend on things like this.  “Domain names”  is, surprisingly enough, not a budget line in the fancy excel spreadsheet called “Budget.xls” I created yesterday.

Adhering to Goal #4 will be especially important if I am to achieve Goal #8: Road trip to Eastern Canada, which is vaguely planned to occur sometime during Summer Eleven.

Since I plan to fulfill the dream of wearing a puffy-sleeved shirt and staring wistfully off the sweet shores of Prince Edward Island a la Anne Shirley***, I intend to do better as the year unfolds.

Meanwhile, I plan to update this fella somewhere between a lot and daily, so add me to your feeds or whatever!


*What do you reckon?  I’m at least five years late on the Year of the Blog thing, right?  Probably the Year of the Blog was more 2003-wards than anything else.

**Get with it, friend.  We refer to this year not as “twenty eleven” or “two-thousand-eleven” but merely as Eleven.  Just ask Frezned.

***This dream is stolen from Julie, who should hopefully be there as well when it comes true.


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